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Ngrave Zero Review {Is Ngrave Zero Legit or Scam?}

An offline wallet for cryptocurrency is a hot topic at the moment. After the cyber-attack which led to millions of dollars in damage, it’s a must for any serious investor to secure their cryptocurrencies. This article discusses what Ngrave Zero is and whether it’s legit enough to store your fiat currency and precious digital assets like bitcoins and ethers.

Are you looking for a crypto wallet? If yes, then check out the Ngrave Zero Wallet Review.

This article is about a company named Ngrave that has introduced an online device named Ngrave Zero, which is used to store cryptocurrencies.

We will also be discussing the specifications and services provided by the company for its customers. The product has gained a lot of popularity in the United States. Thus, we will also be discussing Is Ngrave Zero Legit?

What is Ngrave Zero?

Ngraves is an electronic wallet that allows you to store your cryptocurrencies without having to worry about their safety. The various features of this wallet are what sets it apart from other wallets and make them worth considering.

Ngrave Zero is a highly secure crypto key storage device that stores your private keys in on-device memory. It is a hardware wallet that is certified to be 100% secure by two leading independent cybersecurity firms. This device provides you with complete control of your crypto assets and is easy to use.

Being the most secure and reliable crypto key storage device, it offers a robust cold storage mechanism for your cryptocurrencies. You can store Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, and more than 1000 other cryptocurrencies in the NGRAVE ZERO wallet. Besides this, the device has an elegant offline setup process for users.

With its cutting-edge technology, you do not need to worry about the risk of getting hacked or losing access to your cryptocurrencies. The Ngrave Zero Review will help people understand how they can keep their cryptocurrencies safe with this handy device.

Features of Ngrave Zero

This section is going to deal with the features of the Ngrave Zero. We’ve listed some of the main features below:

  • Multi-signature support: The wallet comes with a feature of multi-signature support. So, this way, users can use it for personal as well as for business needs.
  • Security: The wallet is very secure and has been made by keeping it in mind to provide the highest level of security. The wallet has an EAL7 safety certification which is the highest security level in the crypto marketplaces.
  • AES256 encryption: It makes use of AES 256 encryption to ensure that all the data that has been stored on the hardware is completely safe from unauthorized access.
  • Portability: The device is small in size and lightweight so, it can be carried easily in a pocket or a bag. It serves as cryptocurrency storage and people need not install any apps, so they do not have to worry about any attacks.

Specifications of Ngrave Zero

  • NGRAVE ZERO is an EAL7-certified hardware wallet that uses biometric authentication to ensure maximum security.
  • It supports all coins and 1000+ ERC20 tokens.
  • It has a built-in camera to scan QR codes, as well as an integrated fingerprint sensor.
  • NGRAVE also offers a companion smartphone app called NGRAVE LIQUID, which allows you to back up your hardware wallet’s private keys via Bluetooth.
  • The ZERO is the main hardware device in the NGRAVE ecosystem. It’s the world’s first EAL7-certified wallet for cryptocurrencies.
  • EAL7 represents the highest level of cryptocurrency wallet certification, it was invented by NATO and is more rigorous than even military standards.
  • The ZERO has a touchscreen, a fingerprint sensor, a backup camera, and a 1,200mAh battery (good for 2 weeks of use).
  • The device costs $334 USD when purchased on its own or $418 USD when purchased with the Graphene backup device.

Pros of Ngrave Zero

  • The Ngrave Zero wallet is available at a great price.
  • The Ngrave Zero wallet review shows that it is not only affordable but also a very secured device.
  • The company has put in all the efforts to help users use it efficiently and securely.
  • This hardware wallet is protected by a strong metal case that can resist any collision or fall.
  • The wallet has been designed by keeping the customers in mind, as per the Ngrave Zero Review.
  • The device comes with an LCD screen which allows users to display QR codes of their private keys for easy payments.
  • The best part about this device is that it does not require any internet connection to access your funds.
  • It is a safe, secure and fast way to store cryptocurrencies.
  • The product has been designed by keeping various factors in mind and it aims at providing the best security solutions for cryptocurrency holders, as per the Ngrave Zero Review.
  • The device does not require any apps, so there is no chance of hacking as well.
  • The product acts as cryptocurrency storage and is highly secured and reliable.
  • It has an intuitive interface, which means that users of all ages and types can use it easily.

Cons of Ngrave Zero

This product is relatively new and therefore, getting reviews about it could be tricky at times.

Is Ngrave Zero Legit?

Ngrave Zero is the most secure, unhackable and unbreakable hardware wallet. It is the latest innovation in the cryptocurrency market that can be used with just one hand. Users have been using this product since its launch and are satisfied with its performance.

The product is safe to use as it comes with a strict security policy. Ngrave has successfully built a hardware wallet with all the security features. This will encourage more users to invest in cryptocurrency markets without any fear.

Ngrave Zero is a unique product in the crypto industry. The design is compatible and fits into the pockets of users easily. They can use it anywhere as it does not require an internet connection for setup or transactions.

Users don’t need to worry about backups as it comes with recovery phrases, which are saved on the screen itself and not on any physical papers or devices. The cost of Ngrave Zero may be high for some users, but the features and security are worth enough to invest your money in this product.

Ngrave Zero Review

Many of our customers have asked us to write a review on the No-internet wallet. We have included some points that you may need to know before making a final decision regarding buying this hardware wallet.

If you are looking for an offline hardware device that can be used without internet, then No-internet Wallet is the best choice for you. This product has been designed and manufactured by experts in cyber-security and cryptography. It features advanced technology that makes it a secure and reliable offline cryptocurrency storage device.


NgRave Zero is a cutting edge product for the safety of your Crypto assets. It looks that the technology inside NgRave Zero is capable enough to keep the asset safe from any attacks. This security exchange can make a big difference in the market.

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