What Color Paint Goes With Brown Granite?

Brown granite countertops can add natural beauty and elegance to a kitchen. But if your wall color doesn’t pair well with the granite, it can make your whole kitchen look washed out or feel visually overwhelming.

So what color paint goes with brown granite to create a cohesive yet appealing look? The best paint colors to go with brown granite are light, warm neutrals that pick up the undertones of color (like gold, brown, tan) found within the natural granite. Darker colors like green can also contrast nicely if you choose the right undertone.

Key Takeaways

  • Popular paint colors like white, light gray, and beige pair well with brown granite countertops
  • Colors with golden, brown, or coppery undertones complement brown granite
  • Go for a monochromatic look by matching your wall color to the flecks of color found in your granite
  • Dark greens that have brown, gold, or tan undertones also create an attractive contrast with brown granite
  • Soft blues and browns make brown granite counters pop while still keeping things neutral

Best Paint Colors for Brown Granite Countertops

Here is an overview of the top paint color options to match most brown granite installed in kitchens and bathrooms.

Light Neutral Colors

Light neutral paint colors make brown granite pop while still keeping your walls on the subtle side. Try:

  • White – Classic white is clean and bright
  • Light gray
  • Light tan/beige
  • Soft greige (mix of gray and beige)

White in particular makes brown granite counters stand out and anchors them as a focal point.

Benjamin Moore White Dove or Sherwin-Williams Pure White are two designers’ go-to whites for walls with brown granite.

Colors with Golden Undertones

Since golden browns are common within brown granite, paint colors with golden undertones make for a natural color match. Some top options include:

  • Benjamin Moore October Mist – Light golden yellow
  • Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige – Popular warm tan
  • Benjamin Moore Golden Straw – Deeper golden tone
  • Sherwin Williams Renwick Beige – Peachy beige
  • Dutch Boy Native Copper – Copper-brown with golden orange

These paint colors should blend seamlessly with the golden-brown mineral deposits that give many brown granites their rich, warm look.

Paint ColorUndertone
October MistGolden yellow
Accessible BeigeWarm tan
Golden StrawDeep golden

Colors that Match Granite Flecks

Another idea is choosing a wall color that mimics the actual color variations seen in your unique slab of brown granite. Go up close and note subtle spots of color blended within the basic brown backdrop.

Popular secondary shades found in brown granite that work well as paint colors include:

  • Tans
  • Light brown
  • Dark coppery browns
  • Touches of blue, green

Basically, look for a dominant secondary shade within your granite slab and find the closest paint match. This creates a monochromatic color scheme for a seamless, blended look.

EK Edgewood Green by Kelly Eddington or Dutch Boy Cocoa Glaze are two deeper green and brown paints worth considering to mimic secondary shades in brown granite.

Granite Color FleckCoordinating Paint Color
TanAccessible Beige
Light brownGolden Straw
Dark brownCocoa Glaze

Contrasting Darker Colors

While light, warm neutrals are the most straightforward option, you can make brown granite pop even more by contrasting it with certain darker paint colors.

Deep green is a sophisticated choice that works well with brown granite counters if you pick the right undertone. The best shades of green will have hints of gold, brown, and even blue mixed in. Some standout green options include:

  • Benjamin Moore Eklinger – Forest green with brown undertones
  • Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog – Mix of gray-green and brown

Rich blues that skew towards brown also contrast beautifully with brown granite.

  • Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray – Soft gray-blue
  • Benjamin Moore Gray Cashmere – Light brown-gray

What to Avoid with Brown Granite?

On the flip side, there are some paint colors that clash with brown granite rather than compliment. Colors to generally avoid include:

  • Bright whites – Too stark against dark granite
  • Black/dark charcoal – Creates too much contrast
  • Vibrant primary colors – Overwhelms and competes with granite

Pastels and other soft colors can sometimes work but be sure to pick shades with yellow, brown, or neutral undertones rather than cool purple, blue, or green undertones.

Summing Up the Best Color Paint for Brown Granite

If you’re struggling over what color to paint your walls in rooms with brown granite, keep it simple by choosing light, warm neutrals. White and soft tans, beiges, and grays create an attractive yet low-key contrast that lets your beautiful granite counters stand out while keeping the overall vibe soothing.

Or go bold with deeper green, brown, and blue colors that mirror undertones within your granite itself. Just be wary of clashing with overly bright, dark, or colorful paint when determining what color goes with brown granite countertops.

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