What is Ubersearch? Detailed Information

If you’re seeing ads on websites that you didn’t expect, or if your default search engine has been changed to Ubersearch, then your computer may be infected with the malicious Ubersearch browser extension.

UberSearch is a malicious browser extension that was created to exploit users and steal their data. The extension was first spotted in early 2017 and has since been reported by multiple antivirus companies as being a virus. UberSearch is designed to hijack user’s web browsers and extract personal information, including login credentials for popular websites. Once installed, the extension will also start tracking your online activity and sharing this data with the creators of the extension.

What is Ubersearch?

Ubersearch is a malicious browser extension that hijacks your search engine results and replaces them with ads. It also inserts ads into the web pages you visit, and can cause your computer to run slower. Ubersearch is often installed without your knowledge or consent, so be careful when installing free software or clicking on suspicious links. If you think you may have Ubersearch installed on your computer, use a malware removal tool to scan for and remove it.

How does Ubersearch work?

UberSearch is a malicious browser extension that hijacks Google search results and replaces them with advertisements. The extension is typically installed through deceptive means, such as by bundling it with other software or by exploiting vulnerabilities in the browser. Once installed, UberSearch will hijack all of the user’s searches and redirect them to sponsored websites. The extension can also track the user’s browsing activity and collect personal information.

UberSearch is a malicious browser extension that is used to steal personal information and inject malicious content into websites. UberSearch targets users who are browsing the internet on their desktop or laptop, by displaying ads and then tracking the user’s activity on the website. Once the user has entered their login information, UberSearch can access their account, contact lists, and other sensitive information.

What are the dangers of Ubersearch?

There are a number of dangers associated with the Ubersearch. First and foremost, this extension can track your browsing activity and collect information about you. It can also hijack your search results and redirect you to potentially dangerous websites. Additionally, the Ubersearch can slow down your computer and cause other problems. If you have this extension installed, it is important to remove it immediately.

How to remove Ubersearch?

It’s not uncommon for malicious browser extensions to be added to browsers without the user’s knowledge. In some cases, these extensions can track a user’s browsing activity and send it back to a third party. In other cases, the extension may contain malware that can harm the computer.

One such extension is called Ubersearch. It is classified as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) by Malwarebytes and has been known to cause various problems for users, including browser crashes and redirects to unwanted websites.

Fortunately, Ubersearch can be easily removed from most browsers. This article will provide instructions on how to remove the extension from Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.


Ubersearch is a malicious browser extension that can cause a lot of harm to your computer. It can track your online activity, steal your passwords, and even delete your files. If you think you may have Ubersearch installed on your computer, be sure to remove it as soon as possible.

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