Mastering the Forge: Dark Iron Dwarf Race Guide and Racial Abilities

Dark Iron Dwarves is an allied race available in Battle for Azeroth. They are a faction of dwarves that serve the Dark Iron clan and they have their own racial mount: the Core Hound, which will be discussed later.

The Dark Iron Dwarves are based out of Blackrock Mountain and are led by Moira Thaurissan. They were enslaved by Ragnaros after being tricked into releasing him, but broke free thanks to Moira’s efforts.

In this guide, you will learn how to unlock Dark Iron Dwarves, how to create a Dark Iron Dwarf character, their racial abilities and what the best race/class combination is for your character.

  • Dark Iron hunters will usually begin their journey with a Blazehound companion, which has a distinctive look.
  • Paladins can call upon the Darkforge Ram as a unique mount. Shamans have totems that resemble anvils.

Dark Iron dwarves also have their own set of racial traits, as well as jokes and flirts. They have character customization options, too.

Dark Iron Racial Abilities

Dark Iron dwarves have a number of racial traits that set them apart from their Bronzebeard, Wildhammer and Lightforged cousins. Most notably, they have a resistance to fire magic, thanks to the power of Ragnaros coursing through their veins. They also have a natural affinity for axes and maces, which they craft with particular skill.

Tapping into the power of their creator, Dark Iron dwarves are able to summon fiery manifestations from the Elemental Plane – namely flamekin (small elemental creatures akin to elementals) and magma elementals (large elemental creatures akin to giants). Both types of creature are fully controllable by the dwarf who summoned them and can maintain reasonable conversations with other intelligent life. When a Dark Iron dwarf dies, his elemental servants often go berserk and attack anything nearby until they’re slain.

The Dark Irons were banished from Ironforge for many years but have returned home with the aid of High Thane Khardros Pathfinder in order to fight against the Legion threat. They currently occupy Blackrock Depths and have sent adventurers into Blackrock Mountain itself in search of allies and treasures.

Reach Exalted With 7th Legion

The 7th Legion is one of the most elite factions in World Warcraft, and you can go from neutral to exalted with them by completing a set of challenging quests.

Tirion Fordring, the founder of the Order of the Silver Hand, was once a paragon of virtue and strength. For his deeds during the Second War, he was chosen to wield the Ashbringer, a powerful sword blessed by the Aspects themselves. Lord Fordring’s faith was shattered when he discovered that his beloved pupil, Arthas Menethil, had embraced the dark side and killed thousands in his conquest against the Lich King. Arthas ultimately claimed the Frozen Throne, becoming one of the Lich King’s most powerful servants.

When Tirion learned that his son was leading an invasion against Hillsbrad, he feared that Arthas would raise an undead army to invade Lordaeron. He gathered a small group of survivors and fled to Kalimdor in search of a safe haven from which to strike back against the undead.

Dark Iron Dwarf Heritage Armor

It’s time to make your heritage armor stand out from the rest with this new Dark Iron Dwarf Heritage Armor. This armor set is crafted by the blacksmiths of Blackrock Depths, so you know its quality is top notch.

Dark Iron Dwarves are known for their skill at smithing and engineering, so they’re often sought out by adventurers seeking powerful weapons and armor. In fact, many of these dwarves have been known to sell their services as mercenaries to other factions in exchange for gold or other assets.

This armor set will surely make you stand out from the crowd!

Complete The Alliance Version Of Ready For War

A Dark Iron Dwarf can be unlocked on your account in several ways. Moira’s quests in Tiragarde Sound will enable you to complete the achievement Ready for War, which will allow you to unlock a Dark Iron Dwarven Heritage Armor transmog, which can be worn by any allied race character. Other Alliance characters on your account can unlock this armor upon reaching level 110.

How to unlock Dark Iron Dwarves?

Dark Iron Dwarves can be unlocked by completing a long questline. To unlock them, you must have a level 3 Garrison and complete the War Campaign questline. The War Campaign is a massive questline that spans across Kul Tiras and Zandalar. It involves a lot of travelling and your character will get to visit most of the zones in the game.

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Now that you know how to unlock Dark Iron Dwarves, let’s talk about their racial abilities:
Dark Iron Dwarves have 3 racial abilities: Dark Iron Resilience, Molten Shields and Thaurissan’s Favour. Dark Iron Resilience is a passive ability that reduces the duration of Stun and Magic effects by 10% and increases your resistance to Fire, Frost and Nature damage by 10%.

This is useful for all classes. Molten Shields is a passive ability that increases your resistance to Fire damage by 1% per level. It can be useful for tanks. Thaurissan’s Favour is an ability that summons a Core Hound mount for 5 minutes when used. The Core Hound mount has 2 charges, so you can use it two times before it disappears.

What race/class combination should I choose?

The best race/class combination for a Dark Iron Dwarf character depends on what you want to do. If you want to PvP, then I recommend Human. It offers a great PvP experience and it increases your Versatility by 3%. If you want to PvE, then I recommend Human as well. It increases your Critical Strike by 1%. If you want to do both PvP and PvE, then I would recommend Night Elf. It increases your Versatility by 3%, which is the most important stat in PvP, and it increases your Shadow Resistance by 2%, which is the most important stat in PvE. That’s it! Thanks for reading this article!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments section below.


It’s easy to unlock those Dark Iron Dwarves, just do the quests in Dun Morogh, because that is their whole quest line. You only have to complete this one time, then you never have to do it again and that character will be unlocked forever with the ability.

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