Mastering Time Management: IBPS RRB PO Pre-Mock Test Strategies

Time management is a crucial skill for success in any competitive examination, and the IBPS RRB PO Pre exam is no exception. Aspiring candidates need to optimise their preparation and exam-taking strategies to make the most of the limited time available. One effective way to do this is by mastering time management during mock tests. So, read on to explore the importance of the IBPS RRB PO Pre mock test for free access and discuss some valuable strategies to help you manage your time efficiently during these practice sessions.

The Significance of Mock Tests

Evaluating Your Current Skill Level

These tests serve as a diagnostic tool to gauge your current level of preparedness. By attempting these tests, you can identify your strengths and weaknesses in different sections of the exam, such as Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, and English Language. This self-assessment will enable you to create a targeted study plan to address your areas of improvement.

Familiarising Yourself with the Exam Pattern

The IBPS RRB PO Pre-exam follows a specific pattern and format. Mock tests closely replicate this pattern, allowing you to become familiar with the type and structure of questions you will encounter. This familiarity reduces anxiety and increases confidence on the actual exam day.

Time Management Strategies for Pre-Mock Tests

Set a Realistic Time Limit

One of the most critical aspects of time management during practice assessments is setting a realistic time limit for each section. Know the total duration of the actual exam and divide it proportionally among the different sections. This will help you stay on track and ensure that you allocate adequate time to each question.

Prioritise Easy Questions

When you start a section, quickly skim through the questions and identify the ones that seem easy to you. Begin with these questions as they can be answered quickly, allowing you to accumulate more marks in less time. This approach boosts your confidence and sets a positive tone for the rest of the section.

Use the ‘Mark and Review’ Feature

Most online mock test platforms offer a ‘Mark and Review’ feature that allows you to flag questions you find challenging. Instead of spending too much time on a single difficult question, mark it for review and move on to the next one. Come back to these flagged questions after completing the easier ones. This ensures you don’t get stuck on one question and run out of time.

Skip Questions Wisely

If you encounter a particularly tough question that is consuming too much time, consider skipping it temporarily. Mark it for review and move on to the next one. By doing this, you ensure that you can score easy marks later in the section. Return to the skipped question if time permits.

Time-Bound Practice

During your mock test practice sessions, simulate exam conditions as closely as possible. Use a timer to allocate the specified time limit for each section and adhere to it strictly.

Review and Analyse

After completing a mock test, take your time checking your score. Take the time to thoroughly review your answers and identify the areas where you made mistakes or struggled with time management. Analysing your performance will enable you to make necessary adjustments in your preparation strategy.


Mastering time management during an IBPS RRB PO Pre mock test for free access is a crucial step towards achieving success in the exam. These practice sessions not only help you evaluate your current skill level but also allow you to refine your time management strategies. By setting realistic time limits, prioritising questions, using the ‘Mark and Review’ feature wisely, maintaining a steady pace, and practising under time constraints, you can enhance your efficiency and accuracy. Remember that consistent practice and self-analysis are key to improving your time management skills, ultimately boosting your chances of acing the IBPS RRB PO Pre exam.

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