Mewhic Store Reviews

Mewhic Store Reviews: Mewhic Store Legit or Scam?

Are you looking for a website to buy all your bedding needs? Do you want an eCommerce site that can provide quality goods at an attractive price? If so, then Mewhic Store is the place for you! This online store offers blankets and bedsheets of all types. They also offer many other winter accessories for purchase.

Mewhic Store is an online shopping store that gives you the best platform where you simply have to choose your product and choose your size and then place your order. Mewhic Store will be happy to give you a great number of features at a marginal price.

What is a Mewhic Store?

Mewhic Store is an e-commerce firm that began operations in 2015. It also created an online storefront to sell its items internationally. They specialize in selling personalized blankets, beautiful bed sets at an affordable price. This firm may even be used to give gifts to people you care about. They also provide home delivery services. Mewhic Store appreciates giving big savings on their items so that consumers may buy them. Now, a question might surface regarding this eCommerce site: Is Mewhic Store Legit?

Specification of Mewhic Store

  • Domain Age: This website was created on April 5, 2021. The domain is less than a year old.
  • URL Link:
  • Type of the website: It’s an eCommerce store that sells custom blankets, beautiful bed sets, and other presents. They also provide significant savings on their items.
  • Customer support email ID: [email protected]
  • Office Address: 68 Circular Road #02-01, 049422, Singapore
  • Contact Number: This organization has no contact information on its website.
  • Social Media Icon: On this website, no social media sign is visible. 
  • Return policy: Yes, available
  • Shipping Policy: Available.
  • Payment methods: Available
  • HTTPS Certification: Available

Pros of Mewhic Store

  • On this website, all of the necessary information has been supplied. The shipping procedure, refund policy, return policy, exchange policy, and delivery plan are all key aspects of this business.
  • This product is cheap, and it can be purchased by anybody.
  • This is a straightforward, user-friendly interface with minimal distractions. It’s highly optimized, and it’s simple to use for any person.

Cons of Mewhic Store

  • They don’t give any warranty service for their goods.
  • This website exchanges personal information with other service providers.
  • This website’s privacy policy is a little convoluted and difficult to comprehend.

Is Mewhic Store Legit?

  • The time since this website was registered is new. It was established 6 months ago (5th April 2021). This domain also has a short life expectancy. This website’s longevity is one of its most distinguishing characteristics.
  • The website’s Trust score is very low; it scores just 5% on average.
  • Policies: Yes, present properly.
  • Yes, the email address is there, but the phone number is missing.
  • It has HTTPS Certification. It protects your data from any security breach that might allow people to believe this website because of this alone.
  • Customers have offered varied opinions about the goods available at the Mewhic Store Reviews.
  • Although the website states that contact information is provided, this isn’t the case. They’ve given a customer care email address, but they don’t provide any additional information, such as a phone number or owner information.
  • The sellers did not clarify how the money would be returned to your bank account, which might make buyers hesitant to work with them.
  • This website has no social media presence at all. As a result, we need to understand more about this site in order to develop trust in it.

Mewhic Store Reviews

We’ve discovered a number of client evaluations on the company’s website, but we can’t find a single one on any other reputable review sites. As a result, we believe that the website’s owners are utilizing their own evaluation system. We also suggest buying from established vendors since this will help protect you against scams and frauds.

Final Words

We discovered that this website may be a fraud after doing our homework regarding Mewhic Store Reviews. This website has several flaws, and it has low trustworthiness rankings among other things, which suggest that it will be better for consumers to look for different alternatives.

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