How to choose high waisted legings?: 6 things to remember

Obviously, sports leggings are a must in our wardrobe, and every good athlete should get one, but sometimes there is uncertainty about choosing the right mesh for training for a widespread sport such as running. Not sure what to look for when choosing your legging?

What are the qualities and the things they should have, and what is the best?

In choosing the clothes we will be running with, one of the first questions that often strikes us is whether to choose shorts or to choose leggings. Although this choice is personal, for those who choose a dress that fits the body so that they can make a better move during the race, and in this case, the best choice is athletic leggings – as this type of clothing gives a second-skin feel.

It is important that we love the aesthetics of legging wearing the clothes we love and feeling good all the time help to have more motivation during our training-, but the three things you should consider when finding your right gloves are comfort, quality, and design.

First of all, you need to choose the length of the dress. Currently, there are different types of leggings that can really work when running: short, medium (covering above the knee) or covering the entire leg (and they can even have a kapri cut, that is, with lengths less than the legs).

You can use your long leggings in the winter, or because of the heat you need to increase the coverage to be comfortable while running; those of medium length are perfect for spring and spring when the temperature is not high enough to please you with short heels, and long leggings are very warm; and shorts that you can use for your summer running, or wear them under loose pants and prevent the fatigue that can occur during exercise.

On the other hand, you should consider seams, as they are important for reinforcement, but for the flat so that they do not stand out and can cause heat during training. Although today almost all leggings have this type of stitch, it is important to keep this item in mind. And keep in mind that the material or fabric made by your legs is always breathable, quick-drying, and has a useful design with your muscles, but without compromising your comfort while running. On top of that, you can even choose fabrics that are combined with protection from uv rays – which can really help if you often run out.

And just as its formation is important, so is its support. Obviously, your tights should be strong, but it is recommended that they always leave the lower one so that it can move freely: that is, they should be close to the body without restriction. It is important that our high waisted leggings do not pose a problem during the run, therefore, the support should be high; in this way, the waist should be perfect for the body and you should take your size to prevent itching and rubbing that can damage your skin.

Another thing that can help is that your leggings include pockets or storage areas – especially if you often run out and don’t want to carry one extra -.

Choose according to your personal use

Each one is different and the context in which they teach is different; therefore, it is important for you to feel comfortable and feel that you can complete your training with complete freedom, without your clothes being a hindrance. Running the strings prevents the appearance of irritation and discomfort rubbing on the legs, as they help to create as little friction as possible between them. Also, they help keep your muscles warm, allowing them to stay cool during your rest and prevent any potential injuries.

Where will you run?

The place where you practice this event will play an important role in choosing your appropriate leggings.

Runners who regularly train outside should take into account the appearance of other runners or cars, so it is recommended that their legs be lined or lined with color to quickly identify them – this is especially important if you are frequent running. Night-. Also, if you usually run outside and do not want to carry an extra bag or sports fanny pack, as we mentioned earlier, it is important to make sure that the leggings you choose have built-in pockets for you. Keep your good things while you are running.

And if you regularly run in the mountains, one thing that can help you is choosing long leggings, or less capri, to prevent cuts and injuries from the areas and trees you may encounter during your run.

Note the time

As we mentioned in the previous article, you need to consider the temperature and the season you are choosing the mesh that is best for you depending on the temperature. If you usually run indoors, on a gym treadmill, you can choose the legging that best suits you depending on your running comfort, as the temperature in the gym is usually mild.

In addition to wearing long leggings in the winter, if you are going to run in a place with extreme temperatures, it is important to look at hot leggings so that you can protect yourself from the heat and be able to keep your running in comfort. And in the summer, remember that it is better to choose leggings with uv protection as it protects you from unpleasant heat while exercising (always remember to put on sunscreen!).

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