Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Pressure Washer

Electric Pressure Washer is not new to us; however, there are still some who are starting to like the function and purpose of the said equipment. Nowadays, people are getting busy looking for money for living. As you will notice, most husbands and wives have gone their way out in working to sustain the needs of their families. With such busy and hectic schedules, these people discovered the importance of machinery that is efficient and cost-effective. This is now the Electric Pressure Washer which has brought a solution to the agony of most homeowners but there are still some who still have questions about the said equipment. So, to clean things out, the following are the Top 5 frequently asked questions about Electric Pressure Washer.

Pressure Washer

What about the water to be used?

Most preferably, you should use clean tap water coming from the faucet. The least that we wanted to happen is to destroy or damage the hose and nozzle if you will use water coming from the lake. We all know that lake waters are not filtered, which means that there may be small particles that will go inside the hose and the nozzle causing it to clog. Apart from that, the use of hot water is a big no, no. Hot water can damage the pump and the O rings which will eventually damage the entire equipment.

What about cleaning the clogged nozzles?

If ever your Electric Pressure Washer suffered from clogged nozzles, you can always refer to the following:

  1. It is a must to disconnect the gun and the spray wand before anything else.
  2. After which, you can then start cleaning the nozzle with a paper clip or any wire that come in a small size.
  3. Do the flushing of the nozzle following a to a fro motion.
  4. Once you are done, check out the wand if there is still the presence of a clogged object. If there is, then repeat the procedure, if none, then proceed to the next step.
  5. Reconnect the detached parts.
  6. You can now try to restart the Electric Pressure Washer and assess if it is not working.

What about the most recommended place to keep my electric pressure washer?

Well, Electric Pressure Washer should be kept in a dry place. Remember, this equipment will then be connected to the socket so it is a no, no to have it wet. Safety should always be a top priority so, make sure to never place the machine in a wet area. Also, to make it more effective, you can opt to cover the connector with plastic to make sure it will never reach a wet area. Also, make sure that the area is clean and comes to room temperature. Some pressure washers could start a fire most especially if placed in a heated room with a gasoline tank nearby.

What about incorporating bleach into the electric pressure washer?

The idea of using bleach to thoroughly clean the surface area is great, but this is not applicable with Electric Pressure Washer. By doing so can damage most of the machine’s parts such as the o rings, seals, gums, guns, and wands, etc. It is highly recommended to use detergent powders instead of bleach. There are several things that we can do aside from incorporating such chemicals onto the machine. Say for instance, instead of placing detergent powders or bleach in, you can directly pour the solution onto the area and then spray with the pressure washer which is more safe and wise.

What about the electrical supply requirement?

The most important thing that we should check before we use our Electric Pressure Washer is the electrical supply requirement. Each washer comes with a different water supply most especially if these are manufactured by different companies. The scariest thing that we should avoid is the spark of fire because of an incorrect match of the electrical supply. You should always refer to the user manual for the conversion. If you wanted to make sure, you can always contact the customer service hotline of the said company to ask for further questions and them to clearly explain to you the electrical supply requirement.

Maintaining a house is not that easy, but there is always a solution when you regularly clean it with the use of an Electric Pressure Washer. There are several things that you would appreciate in using a pressure washer; however, there are also important sets of question that needs to be addressed to assure proper usage and avoid accidents in using the said machinery. When it comes to the conversion of the electric supply, always refer to the manual or call the customer service hotline. Also, make sure to always use clean water and remember to never put bleach inside the washer for it can damage the equipment.